Native Beauty

Native Beauty is an eco-friendly skincare boutique that offers products and services that are consciously created, non-toxic and made in America.

Native Beauty is an eco-beauty boutique that offers skin and body care that is environmentally sound and responsible. All products must have "Skintegrity"-skincare that is good for you from the inside out. Our lines follow a certain set of principles and have been carefully curated and evaluated.


Native Beauty Company sells beauty products and provide skincare treatments that are healthy, safe and socially responsible. Our products do not contain harmful even carcinogenic ingredients that are rampant in the beauty industry. Many of these unsafe ingredients are known as the "Dirty Thirty" and some examples are but not limited to parabens, glycols, PEGs, BHT, BHA, petroleum, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, urea, triclosan etc. Research has shown that many of these ingredients are carcinogenic and toxic especially when used on a daily basis.